How do I upload a Certificate of Insurance?

Below are the steps to follow to successfully upload a Certificate of Insurance document, when required.

I have multiple brokers or multiple documents for my Certificate of Insurance, how can I upload just one?

Scan all the documents into one file to upload to ReposiTrak with the Accord 25 form as the first page.  Our application will scan the first page only for required values.  After the document has been scanned, enter the confirmed values from all the pages provided in the file on the matching screen in the required value fields.

My Document’s status is Pending Review Specs not Met, what is wrong?

Your document has failed the preliminary initial automated review based on your partner’s requirements.  You can use the Action button next to the requirement; then select View Attributes from the drop down menu.  The items highlighted do not meet the predesignated requirement.  Your partner’s requirement can be viewed by clicking the show requirements box in the upper right portion of the block.

I need to update the attributes I provided for my document requirement.

You can update the requirement by closing the window, then selecting Update Attributes from the Action button drop down menu.

I need to request an exemption to meet my partner’s requirements for a document.

If you need to request an exemption to meet your partner’s requirements for a document, you will need to upload the document, then use the Action button to select Request Review Exemption.

I received a notification my document failed review, what do I do now?

When this has occurred, it indicates that when your partner (who has chosen to manually review the document in question) failed the document.  Review your partner’s comments by selecting the Action button next to the required document, then selecting View Review Status. They should explain why your document failed and what you need to do to make corrections.  The reviewer’s contact information can be found by selecting the My Partners tab, selecting Customer Contacts, then Find.

I have a partner that is requesting my company sign up.

All requests for sign up from partners are listed in the Message Center area of the Compliance Center.  If you are being requested to sign up with a partner that is not listed in your message center, contact your ReposiTrak customer success manager.

My document status is “Pending Review”.  How long does it take for the document to be reviewed?

ReposiTrak does an initial automated review of your document based on your partner’s requirements.  The final review of your document and the timing of their review is the responsibility of your partner.

I get an error message that I cannot upload a document with the same effective dates.  What do I do now?

If you are attempting to re-upload a revised version of your document with the same effective dates, you must first remove the current version.  Click Action and select Delete Document or you can select View Document History and delete multiple versions.

Where can I get the template for my document requirement?

If a template is available for download, you may obtain the template by clicking the Action button beside the document, then scroll to the bottom of the drop down menu and select Download Template.

How do I print my eSign document prior to signing?

Click on the Action button beside the document and select eSign Document. Use your web browser print functionality to print the document. After signing the document, you can click on the document name which will provide you with the document and the e-signature information. You can also print the document from your web browser.

I need to be sure about the accuracy of the documents uploaded by my suppliers. How good is your technology?

We pride ourselves in using the latest technology for optical character recognition (OCR) which is machine reading for scanned documents.  However, just like human reading of documents isn’t foolproof, there is a probability that machine reading of documents can also result in errors.  This is due to:

OCR can scan 70% of documents successfully. The roughly 30% of documents that fail can be reduced depending on your business rules requirements.  If you need certainty regarding information provided in certain documents such as signatures or dates, those flagged documents will be put into a review queue for your approval. To a large extent you are in control of how many documents you will need to manually review based on how strict your business rules are.